Artist Bio

Alaska Master artist; BOB PATTERSON Bob Patterson was awarded the Alaska artist of the year in 1997 by Northwest Artist Magazine. The article described his art as capturing the full magnitude of Alaska, its people, animals, and scenery. He was titled a master artist by his peers… Bob spent a lot of time in Alaska over his 45 year career as construction manager for several firms in
the lower USA and Alaska. Bob always has a sense of humor.Bob and his art gallery have moved from Alaska to La Conner, Washington where he now has his studio, and operates his exclusive





web Galleries. (43 galleries of fine art) His website has his latest original art, prints and 3000 art products which will make his website the largest one man Website Gallery in the
world. Bob is a master at detail and his paintings are powerful and have depth
to match the vastness of Alaska. Bob has spent many years following the Native folklore and art of the
Northwest in which he created a series of paintings based on their legends to preserve their culture. The collection now in limited edition prints can be seen on his website in Gallery 4. Join Bob on his






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