Bob Patterson collection of fine art started in 1994

Many of his originals grace the walls of collectors around the world. 44 art galleries with over 812 originals and many framing options for prints both open and limited editions. Take a peek at my world of art on this website. Artist Bob Patterson has traveled to many places around the world during his career in construction management starting in 1963 adding to his knowledge of people, places, animals and wildlife both of the land and sea. When he retired in 1994 it was time for him to pursue his dream of being an artist. This decision opened the book on his vast library of images an travels which tested his skills to create all his many artwork creations. Using bold colors or black and white to capture his thoughts using art media to enhance his

His Artwork Journey

Bob Patterson Art began to capture the following:

  • Animals
  • People
  • Places
  • Action
  • Bringing to life a two dimensional realism with the spirit or magnitude of his thought portrayal Animals.

He created became almost human in their expressions and landscapes have a dimension of distance, bold color an magnitude capturing the vast seas and lands of the world. Alaska is so big that a small painting doesn’t do it justice, but this Master artist is able do this in his creations.

What Inspired Bob Patterson Art

One of Bob’s artistic loves is Native American art and its two dimensional art forms and simple colors, but the realm of their ancient art shows they believed in singularity of creation. Bob studied their art forms which are mostly based on folklore or primary food sources.

Bob Patterson’s Journey

They began to honor the animals with their art and created abstract art forms depicting their spirits or souls. This website reflects the many years of study that the artist has spent to create his painting collection and some have the legend story that will help to understand this complex art form.